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Branding in the boardroom – BCSA @ Brand Week at GIBS – 28th October 2014

20 October 2014
The 2013 Brand Barometer survey found that 80% of brand influencers believe that brand marketing is not taken seriously in South African boardrooms.

Our brand marketers are not alone in underscoring the importance of this topic. In addition to a number of academic publications that have investigated marketing’s lack of presence at the executive table, recent publications by Deloitte and McKinsey have also explored the role of both marketers and marketing in boardroom conversations. A number of critical questions need to be asked. What do brand marketers need to do ensure that board members are hard wired to ensure that brands and marketing are integral components of firm strategy? How can brand marketers ensure their fellow board members “onboard” the need to build critical marketing assets including brand equity and customer equity? And perhaps the more telling question is “why has marketing (and marketers) failed to receive a vote of confidence from senior executives?”.

Following the release of the 2014 Brand Barometer results, join us at the Brand Council of South Africa’s annual branding conference to hear from a panel of CEO’s and CMO’s including Geoff Whyte of Nando’s, Zeona Jacobs of the JSE and Stuart Norman from Nissan about what brand marketers need to do to ensure branding gets the place it deserves at the boardroom table. The session will be moderated by Prof Nicola Kleyn from GIBS, and will explore why brand marketing is taken more seriously in some companies than others, why this occurs, and what steps brand marketers can take to ensure that marketing is seen as an essential component of business strategy. Learn more about why a brilliant functional strategy will never be enough to drive customer focus and marketing success in organisations. If your board doesn’t “get” marketing, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Join us on the 28th October at GIBS to learn how. Visit /news/events/is-there-a-future-for-brand-marketing-in-south-africa.aspx for additional information.

For more information please contact Kim Hayter at Brand Council South Africa or (011) 486 2072

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