The realities of today would dictate a different approach to brand building. There has been a marked shift in opinion – brand building is no longer regarded as a function categorised under marketing or communication. Instead, it is increasingly seen as a primary activity involving and defining the entire organisation, right from ideation to the design of business models and the implementation of strategies.

What if brand building was conceived  today – would the model be different?

The Coca-Cola brand accounted for 54% of the company’s stock market value in 2007, according to Jan Lindermann, a former Global MD of Interbrand. I’m assuming the figure is not significantly different today.

Brand development’s biggest challenge – brand valuation

The more things change, the more they stay the same… the old adage is particularly apt when looking at the state of South African brand marketing.

Brand Marketing Barometer Survey Report 2014/2015

The debate around the logic versus the magic of brands is becoming increasingly topical. But more than just being topical, it’s changing the way in which the industry operates and influencing the relationship between brand owners and brand influencers.

Walking the tightrope between magic and logic
6 Oct

Tomorrow’s thought leaders

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Internationally, some of the marketing industry’s most influential thought leaders currently are Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook; Jim Stengel, Procter & Gamble’s former global marketing officer, now an author and consultant; and Guy Kawasaki, an author, speaker and entrepreneur, to name but a few.

Tomorrow’s thought leaders