Four of the world’s top designers were in Johannesburg on December 3rd for “One Night Only”, an open forum co-hosted by the South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (iid) and the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA).

World’s leading design gurus visit South Africa for public forum

The Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA) held its “Fight Night” debate at the TBWA Auditorium in Sandton on the 25th October, where the controversial issue of free pitching was unpacked. The pitching controversy centres on the question of whether creative agencies need to produce unpaid creative strategies and ideas in order to secure the client, when other professions secure work on their track record, credentials and reputation.

Results of BCSA's Fight Night Debate - Pitch versus Non-Pitch

The UK government is leading the way in using design to create simpler digital services for its citizens.

The UK Government Shows How to Design for Simplicity
13 Aug

Made in China in South Africa

Category: Inspire

The best of contemporary Chinese design is being showcased at an internationally - curated exhibition, the Graphic Design China (GDC) Africa Tour Show, which opened in Johannesburg on 16 August.

Made in China in South Africa

I am going to start this stream of consciousness how I will end it. No matter how hi-tech and modern our world becomes, human beings will always be stimulated by the smell of coffee in the morning or the aroma of freshly baked bread. No matter how much the world changes, people will always be sensory beings who are moved by tangible experiences.

Digital - Scary Monster or just another Instrument?