Paddington Station PR

Paddington Station PR is a strategic PR and communications agency that applies the latest research and insights on post-demographic consumerism to the mix to ensure engagement hits the mark. This is backed by a 25 year knowledge base and global network, our approach incorporates a process that explores all possible outcomes - short and long term - to drive today's consumer profile from engagement to trial and ultimately, loyalty. We call this stand-alone product Brand Travel. Our agency promotes a philosophy of thinking, exploring and problem-solving thus understanding - and as soon as we understand the whys, whens and wheres, we can take our clients on an informative journey. From brand council to projects and long-term strategic planning, we pride ourselves on our 'can do' policy ​We service clients on a national basis. Our approach is deeply cemented in our belief and conviction that understanding PR and successful consumer engagement requires much more than consideration of the various communication tools & platforms. Not only has technology changed the way consumers behave, but also the way consumers think - this has a direct impact on consumer behaviours. Furthermore, we also believe successful PR requires an in-depth knowledge of post-demographic consumerism and how to engage with the various consumer segments.Our strategies also measure against the Consumer Engagement Engine which recently replaced the 100 year old AIDA Funnel. This element of our approach creates and cements dialogue from brand dialogue behaviours to consumer motivators and purchase behaviours.