Member Benefits


BCSA membership is about creating a unified voice for the brand community in South/Southern Africa, in line with the BCSA Manifesto, contributing to the economy, society and country/region.


Membership is extended to the broader services supply-side of the industry, encompassing research and strategy, design, valuation and intellectual property.

Membership is extended to educational institutions; and allied organisations on a discretionary basis.

Implementation suppliers and corporate membership remains under future consideration and will be considered on application and the further development of policy.

ACA endorsement and member promotion
Industry events and business networking
Industry survey and research participation – promoting role and importance of brand
Industry best practice papers and case studies/knowledge sharing
Participation, input in and guidance of relevant award programmes
National and regional industry visibility and government lobbying
Education and training initiatives to ensure industry skills development and transformation
Monitoring and guidance of tenders and pitches affecting the industry
Industry monitoring and resolution, with notification of material/regulatory issues
Inter-association, allied bodies and other forum networking
Media, Advertising and Communication Sector (MAC) Charter participation


Category Headcount Annual Fee
Individual   R3 150.00
Company ( Service Provider ) 2-5 R5 250.00
  6-10 R7 875.00
  11-25 R15 750.00
  26-50 R26 250.00
  51+ R36 750.00
Educational   R14 175.00
Special interest   R26 250.00

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  • Membership is annual and runs from 1 March to 28 February of the ensuing year
  • Pro rata fee calculations will apply for any member joining during the fiscal year
  • Headcount determination is based on actual as at 1 March (or at the time of joining) and this remains fixed for the year in question – this means no rebates or adjustments for evolving headcount
  • Invoices will be prepared and presented upon membership application and membership fees must be paid in full upon presentation of invoice
  • BCSA identity endorsement may only be used where annual membership is fully paid up
  • BCSA code of conduct is an evolving and dynamic body of work, and will be applicable to all members

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