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The need to change
From an industry body that focuses on protecting and growing its
member base to an industry body with a higher purpose,
focused on the outcome and benefits of its collective work.

The way forward
A new value equation is required that communicates the collective
impact that the Brand Marketing industry has on our nation as a
whole and this requires focused energy around a core, common

A core, common purpose
We exist to be an active catalyst for the growth through the
delivery of distinctive, sustainable, long-term, economic and social
value to our nation.

How we deliver
We position business and social initiatives for growth
We create identity that helps these entities compete effectively
We promote through the development of intellectual property
We build by supporting and guiding education within our field
We regulate by enabling the process of self-regulation
We manage by defining quality standards for excellence and

What we do
We are a body that represents the positive impact of our trade
- Brand Strategy
- Brand Design
- Brand Valuation
- Brand Intellectual Property

Who we talk to
Primary: Business, Government, Members, Regulators
Secondary: Industry, Media, Professional practitioners, Learners
Tertiary: Academia, Educational institutions, Thought leaders,

The outcome we aim to achieve
We will influence how everyone experiences our South Africa
through identity, tone, conversations, thinking and behaviours.



100 Day Plan
Brand Council South Africa is committed to a process of action on behalf of the broader branding and creative industry in South Africa. Watch this space closely for regular progress updates on our first 100 days commencing effective 1 March 2012.