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Leading members of the Brand Marketing Industry met in 2008 with the intention of forming the Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA).

The aim of the BCSA is to create a vehicle that would represent the whole industry, dealing with issues pertaining to the way business is conducted and how the industry ensures sustainability of quality and of talent.

A draft document was tabled on 22 August 2011 to describe the intent, objectives and activities required of such a representative body.

Subsequent meetings have highlighted the need to build on this document to succinctly and clearly describe what the BCSA stands for, how it delivers on its mandate and why it exists.

A sub-committee was formed to develop this thinking and what follows is an articulation of this output under two headings;

- The Brand Council Manifesto

- A framework to deliver against the manifesto



100 Day Plan
Brand Council South Africa is committed to a process of action on behalf of the broader branding and creative industry in South Africa. Watch this space closely for regular progress updates on our first 100 days commencing effective 1 March 2012.