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World Communication Design Day – 27th April

A shared date with Freedom Day was an apt coincidence for the official tribute to the field of design - World Communication Design Day.

April 27th saw designers around the globe celebrate a discipline that has a profound effect on almost everything in our environment, said Gaby de Abreu, Vice President 2011 – 2013 of the world body for professional communication design, Icograda and board member of the Brand Council South Africa (BCSA).

“From helping change attitudes to determining the products we buy and how we dispose of them, from environmental issues to political choices, from urban layout to the newspapers we read - design is responsible for almost everything that happens around us,” he said.

“It’s is an integral and vital element of every part of our lives whether it’s an awareness campaign for recycling waste, Eskom’s development plans, potable water projects or a new consumer product - and this day provided the opportunity to draw attention to how design can change perceptions and change lives. We should all celebrate the freedom and the power that design gives us as individuals, as a community and as a country.”

Previously celebrated as World Graphics Day, the new moniker is an opportunity for designers across all industries to reflect on how their creative activities and global network can solve problems according to local contexts and audience. It’s also the day that Icograda celebrated its anniversary – with the 27th April 2012 marking its 49th birthday.

The 2012 theme was ‘Convergence’ which encompassed the meeting of minds across industries and across disciplines, the technological-digital revolution, the sharing of creative capital and the ‘expanded media’ platform comprising traditional and emerging design sectors.

On the local front, de Abreu says South Africa has incredible potential and there have been significant achievements. “We’re making inroads, but it is important for Government to genuinely buy-in to the role and importance of design and what it can do for the economy. The possibilities are immense. Think environmentally friendly low cost housing and cutting-edge transportation hubs - and this is just a tiny taste of where industry and government could collaborate to transform our world.”

He said the choice of Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014 would be revolutionary for the local design industry and would change perceptions about design among the wider community. “There will be no better chance to see how and why good design can bring immeasurable value to a country,” de Abreu said. “In the meantime, the BCSA is vigorously pursuing its manifesto of enabling positive and sustainable growth in South Africa - and by working with government and industry, our aim is to unlock and showcase some of South Africa’s exciting potential.”


100 Day Plan
Brand Council South Africa is committed to a process of action on behalf of the broader branding and creative industry in South Africa. Watch this space closely for regular progress updates on our first 100 days commencing effective 1 March 2012.