1st March 2012


Coinciding with the Design Indaba, The Brand Council of South Africa (BCSA) was launched today, with a commitment to deliver on its manifesto promise of enabling positive growth in the economy and supporting South Africa’s ability to compete as a nation.

The launch follows years of planning and is a major stride forward in uniting and developing the industry around a common purpose and direction, but the BCSA chairman, Sean McCoy of the HKLM Group said it was now time for ‘action, activation and accountability’.

Similar to what the UK Design Council did following its formation in 2011, the BCSA has set its first 100 days as a timeframe for measurable achievements, with McCoy describing the roll-out of their action plan as ‘aggressive and exciting’. Some of the targeted interventions include launching a brand barometer and educational initiative, meeting with relevant government departments, securing funding, and holding events and workshops including supporting the hosting of the Icograda Annual Congress to coincide with WDC2014 in Cape Town.

In making the BCSA’s framework for delivery public, McCoy emphasised their commitment to action, saying that a key driver was the need to change from an industry body that had been focused on protecting its member base to an industry that had a higher purpose based on the benefits of its collective work. “This requires focused energy,” he added, “and it will materialise in various business and social initiatives including the development of intellectual property, supporting and guiding industry education, industry regulation and defining quality standards for excellence and compliance.”

“Brands create value,” he added, “and the Council was founded on the premise that the professional practice of branding can contribute distinctive, sustainable and long-term economic and social value to the nation. We aim to be an active catalyst for this growth - with the emphasis on ‘active’ - to ensure that we add value to business and society by developing our practice and creating a greater awareness and appreciation for its importance.”

The BCSA’s identity was also unveiled - a bold stylised ‘zig zag’ emblem designed by Grid. Nathan Reddy, member of the BCSA board and spokesperson for the logo designers said that as the ‘home of brands’, the Brand Council should embody creativity, intelligence and commercial viability - and that the angularity of the zig zag which was such a central image in African art, had been the perfect source from which to develop a truly memorable and commanding presence.

The BCSA incorporates the Brand Design Council (formerly known as THINK) and has board representation from ACA, Brand Leadership Group, The Brand Union, Grid, HKLM, Interbrand Sampson, It’s a Go, The Switch Design Company and Yellowwood. Jeremy Sampson and Thebe Ikalafeng have been appointed co-vice chairpersons.

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1 March 2012


100 Day Plan
Brand Council South Africa is committed to a process of action on behalf of the broader branding and creative industry in South Africa. Watch this space closely for regular progress updates on our first 100 days commencing effective 1 March 2012.