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KOO turns to Yellowwood for a brand refresh

23 February 2016
KOO, one of the country’s top brands (according to the 2015 Sunday Times Top Brands Survey) has partnered with Yellowwood Future Architects to refresh its look and remind consumers of its iconic place in SA’s consumer landscape.
KOO turns to Yellowwood for a brand refresh

KOO has been a well-loved brand for 75 years, making it a household name among local shoppers.

“Our objective was to bundle the range of KOO tinned foods together – making it easy for the consumer to navigate the shopping aisles and the product range itself,” explains Ross Thornton-Dibb, designer at Yellowwood. “Convenience is vital to today’s time-strapped shoppers.”

In addition, Yellowwood sought to create a system that allows shoppers to understand the extent of the range, while simultaneously underscoring that it is a premium brand.

“We used colour psychology, and an understanding of human behaviour and visual design to bring this to fruition,” adds Thornton-Dibb. “In order to show the naturalness and goodness of the KOO product we used a photography theme linked to the ‘farm to table’ journey. This golden thread is carried through all design elements – and signalled a move away from the sterile, commodity style packaging that is very common to the category.”

Indeed, the narrative of the KOO story is clearly brought to life throughout the new purchase journey. Starting with the detailed product photography on the product labels – the closest point of contact for the shopper before the product is consumed - moving out to the point of sale and even the wholesale environment with images associated with farming, such as hessian and farmlands. The consumer is taken on a compelling visual journey of the product – from farm to fork. This visual journey was designed to tackle the key challenge facing KOO: while everyone loves the brand, it doesn’t always translate into a purchase.

“So the job of the packaging was to really increase the shelf appeal and underscore the brand’s relevance in the daily life of the consumer,” notes Thornton-Dibb. “KOO had lost the beautiful story behind its existence, and the new packaging is a way of bringing it to life and telling the unique KOO story in a powerful way …”

The new packs appeared in-store in June 2015.


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